Attribute Consulting understands that the evolving contracting environment requires a tailored and flexible approach.

The contract positions we work on usually require specific technical skills-set, specialized industry experience, very tight time frames, specific budgets and most of the times, a combination of these criteria.

Together with our networks, “hotlists” of candidates and our recruitment methodology, we not only ensure that the candidates we provide are the right technical fit for the role but that they have the ability to hit the ground running and are the right cultural and team fit too.

In addition to this, Attribute Consulting provides a “Contractor care” initiative where we maintain on-going contact and support to our contractors.

Kira Ancich is Attribute Group’s Contract Care Manager and can help with all recruitment needs from drawing up contracts to on-boarding PTY and PAYG contractors. Have a question? Get in touch with Kira: / 02 8251 9700. 

We have a strong duty of care to our contractors and maintain and honest and open approach to assist them throughout their assignments.

We provide our contractors with regular feedback on their performance, and ensure timely payments as well as work pro-actively with them for other opportunities prior to the completion oftheir contracts.

“Attribute Group call when they say they will, they follow up promptly and they are genuinely interested in both their clients and their applicants; a rare quality to have in recruitment”.