Date: 16 June 2016
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7 Sins to Avoid in your Job Interview

Congratulations on securing a job interview! Calm your nerves, take a few deep breaths and try to avoid the following:

Being late:

Timekeeping is vital when you are attending an interview. If you are late, or rushed this will show a lack of time management, which could also reflect badly with your management of projects and workload for the job you are applying for.

Being late could cut your interview time down too, as a specific timeframe could have been allocated to your interview, which can be very inconvenient for the interviewer and their busy schedule. So the interviewer may not have time to ask all the questions that were intended.

To avoid being late, plan your journey prior to your interview. Where are the bus stops? Where is the nearest car park, and how much will it cost? Where is the taxi rank? What is the shortest route if walking? If travelling in rush hour, take into consideration there will be more traffic and foot flow, so give yourself 20-30minutes flex time to allow for traffic.

Not appropriately suited and booted

It is true what they say: first impressions do count. It might sound obvious, but brush your hair, have clean unchipped nails, hide tattoos and piercing which could be inappropriate, wear a matching suit, ensure your skirt is a reasonable length, polish your shoes and shake the interviewers hand on meeting and leaving. What is the perfect handshake? Find out here.

business-suit-690048_1920Remember to dress for success! You may find the office dress more casual, but wait till you get the job and have started working there before you wear your jeans and Converse.

Keeping your phone on loud

What would be more off putting than hearing the theme tune from your favourite TV show blasting out whilst you are in full flow to answering the question from the CEO on “the rationale behind each of your career moves”. Not the most ideal of situations, so make sure your phone is turned off, or at least on silent. Apologise should it go off, and if there is a valid reason you need your phone on, let the interviewer know. Otherwise- put it away, on silent and do not text/read texts during your interview!

Not doing your revision

google-485611_1920You wouldn’t take a driving test without studying the Highway Code, so make sure you have some background knowledge of the company you are interviewing for.  This will show initiative and an understanding in what the company does. Your interest in what they do and the history of the company will act in you favour. Remember to do the research on yourself too! They will have your CV/LinkedIn profile in front of them, so ensure you know the roles and achievements you have specified.

You should also prepare questions for the end of your interview to ask the interviewer. It is typical for the interviewer to end an interview with ‘Do you have any questions for me?’ …so have a few ready. This will show you have a genuine interest in the role. Here are some tips on asking the employer questions.

Having no confidence

Being loud, funny and confident doesn’t sit with everyone, but there are a few ways to demonstrate you are taking this interview seriously and are confident you are the best candidate for the role. So be clear and concise when taking (do not mumble), sit up straight with your head held high (no slouching), use the names of interviewer when you greet them, keep eye contact throughout (do not look down), be polite using please and thank you, and lastly: smile!

Being unprofessional

It is important to build rapport and show the employer your personality. But remember you are interviewing with a stranger who be a deciding factor as to whether you are offered the job. So do not start going into detail about how your partner applied for you so you could “earn more money to go to the pub more and buy the house they have seen by the park.” Keep it professional, but allow your personality to shine through: If they ask you how you like to spend your weekends- let them know why you play football for your local club.

Telling a little white liesuit lie

Ooops… it is too late, the employer has called the company you worked for in 2008 to clarify you successfully managed a team of 8, but turns out you were brought in as a ‘trainee’ and left 4 months later, without managing anybody. Reference checking and associates in the industry are your giveaway. So be honest and precise when it comes to your duties and dates of employment.

Keep your public social media presence clean too- no disrespecting employees or bad mouthing companies online. These are prime examples of when people are not offered a job due to their online presence, and according to thehiringsite, in 2015 52% of employers were taking to the web to research applicants through their social media sites. So keep it clean!

So there we have 7 sins to avoid when you attend a job interview. What would you add to this list and what tips do you have? Have you had any bad experiences? Comment below or tweet us @AttributeGroup!

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