Daniel Kim

Client Services Manager (Data)

Daniel has an impressive tenure of over a decade in the dynamic technical landscape and an exceptional track record of nearly three years in recruitment, Daniel brings an unparalleled and all-encompassing approach to hiring top quality talent. Daniel’s expertise spans across a wide array of industries, including Logistics, Technology, Manufacturing, Banking, Finance, Start-ups, Healthcare, Consultancies, and Retail.

Leveraging off his outstanding academic background in Mechatronics Engineering, complemented by an Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and a Diploma in Software Engineering, he offers an exceptional edge in comprehending the intricacies of specialised data related roles within these sectors.

Daniel’s core area of specialisation lies within the Data & Analytics vertical. This laser-focused concentration has empowered him to cultivate an extensive and influential professional network and attain a profound and nuanced understanding of the market, thus enabling him to execute candidate placement with unparalleled efficiency and resounding success. In addition to this, he possessed substantial experience in recruiting for Software Engineering roles, further amplifying his versatility in the IT recruitment landscape.

His approach to apply his multifaceted expertise to cater to our clients' recruitment needs ensures the delivery of unrivalled talent.

Daniel Kim