Attribute Groups’ resources are delighted with the level of customer support they receive from our consultants. We offer valuable advice and pointers throughout the whole staffing process.

Attribute has an extensive post placement service that provides both employer and employee a successful transition into the new position.

We often act as advisors when approached by people wanting to take the next step and take their career to another level, or who want to progress further in the future. Attribute Group is here to help everyone, regardless of circumstances or background.

Attribute Group’s consultants are experts in their own field. By regularly following the changes in the market and utilizing the latest selection techniques, they are able to offer the best advice on both temporary, fixed term and permanent opportunities.

Not only that, our back office support team are always on hand to help the process from accepting a job offer to your first start date, including: contracts, health and safety documents, superannuation, timesheets and payroll.

“When I get a new role there is an initial excitement at the prospect of joining a new project. Almost immediately there is the admin side to contend with. It’s laborious and often disjoint. I have to fill in many documents, not always sent to the same person. More often than not the payroll is actually dealt with by another company.

This is where Attribute Group excel. Not only is the process simple as they’ve got everything on their portal, I actually know the people in the back office should I have an issue. I’ve met them. I know exactly who to contact and they don’t go away and look me up on a system, they have taken the time to engage with me. That more personalised approach has meant that I’ve worked with Attribute Group more than once.”