Ways to contract: We offer our contractors flexibility in the ways you can contract with us so that it is in line with your personal circumstances

We offer the following options:

-Contract as a Pty Ltd Company
-Contract as a PAYG Contractor
-Contract through a Management Company

If you have a PTY LTD company and you wish to operate under this, you will be a PTY contractor and the contract will operate between Attribute Group and the PTY LTD company, quoting a daily rate ex GST paid to your company. You will be required to provide the company’s current worker’s compensation certificate of currency along with the company details including ABN and bank details.

You are also required to cover your own PI/PL insurance and provide the certificate of currency confirming this. We can cover the PI/PL insurance on behalf of your company, however, there will be a 3% deduction made from the daily rate to cover this.

As a PAYG contractor, your contract will be between Attribute Group and you directly, quoting a daily rate including Superannuation. We will pay you a daily rate, deduct the tax accordingly and process your superannuation contribution.

Note that if you are an individual holding an ABN, you are considered a sole trader. Please note that Attribute Group doesn’t engage with sole traders

Please do consult with your Accountant or Financial advisor to determine which of the above is the best suited contracting option for you as there are taxation, insurance, compliance regulations that may impact your decision.

You can also contact us at Attribute Group  admin@attributegroup.com.au / 02 8251 9700 and we would be more than happy to assist you!