Date: 21 January 2019
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Keywords .vs. Buzzwords

The keywords you use in your CV/resume, also known as ‘action’ words, will demonstrate your ability to succeed. Hiring Managers and Recruitment Consultants will be looking for these words to see how they correlate with their job advert.

Buzzwords might make them sound fancy and exciting, but in fact, these tend to just be over used, common words everyone uses in their CV/resume.

Jordan Gibbens, Client Services Manager at Attribute Group comments:

“I look for industry specific words when reading CVs. I hire within the Digital Marketing space so I would look for the following keywords: Launched, Marketed, Designed, Analysed, Promoted, Produced, Strategised. Using the relevant keywords within your industry is crucial in showing your abilities and successes in current and past roles.”

Here we have some examples of the difference between Keywords and Buzzwords: 

Hot tip:

Think about what is relevant in your industry and use those specific keywords. Ie;

Sales: Achieved, Increased, Built, Grown

Learning and Development: Facilitated, Produced, Trained, Marketed

IT: Implemented, Designed, Completed, Launched

Should you need any help with writing your CV/Resume and what words you should use, please reach out to Emily:

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