Date: 9 January 2019
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New Year, New You, New CV!

If 2019 has you looking to make a career change, find a new role, take on a new challenge, then your first step is to update your CV and get your name out there!

Your CV is the main tool for your job search. It should contain high level information about your achievements, professional experience and education.

Get it right and you’ll have interview in no time! The right CV will help generate interest from prospective employers and recruiters, match your experience and skills to job opportunities to secure you an interview.

Research suggests that Hiring Managers and Recruiters look at a CV for an average of 6 seconds, so here is how to grab their attention:


Open your CV with a summary of who you are and what you do. This tells the reader straight away about your current status and your area of specialism. Briefly discuss your strengths and anything relevant for the role you are applying for. You can also use this opportunity to mention any future goals and ambitions.

Presentation and Grammar

You want to make a lasting impression so the presentation and grammar in your CV is imperative. Here are some tips:

Have a clean format to help navigate the reader through your CV. A clear background a professional font will make it easier to read through. Use bold for headings only.

Use the built in spelling and grammar tools to ensure each word and sentence is correct. Read over your work and proof read it to double check the software you are using hasn’t missed anything. Remember that certain words such as job titles, locations and names may not be recognised and automatically corrected.

Set the language on Word to your preference: Is it organise or organize?  Select your language, such as English (United Kingdom) or English (United States) to ensure you have the correct suffix.

Utilise verbs such as ‘managed’, ‘achieved’, ‘increased’, ‘designed’ and ‘created’ which will help to describe your achievements and duties.

Keep the layout of your CV simple, remember that it can vary on each screen depending on the readers layout and their software programs.

Do not abbreviate too much either, sometimes this can come across as lazy.

Professional Experience

When listing your work experience keep this in chronological order (most recent role first). Your most recent roles will most likely have the required experience for the role you are applying for, rather than your experience in restaurant 16 years ago.

When you talk about achievements, if these are measurable then include the % increase or numbers to further showcase your success. Ie; “From managing the team of 9 sales consultants and implementing a new payment scheme, company revenue increased 16% from the previous year.”

You need to provide certain personal information on your CV, but keep this to the minimum: your name, email, contact number and address. There is no need to include your photo or date of birth, unless this is specifically required in the application process. Even with your home address, you only need to include your town/suburb and postcode.


Include your degree(s), qualifications and training certificates, especially if these are relevant to the role you are applying for. The institution and dates you received these qualification should also be included.


Putting your hobbies and interests on your CV is a great way to allow the reader to understand your personal attributes as well as your professional history, whilst giving a little insight into your life. It will demonstrate any transferable skills and also help with establishing if you would be a good culture fit for their company. 

Aim to tailor your CV to each role by highlighting why you are the best person for the role you are applying for, point out the key factors in the job description back to your own experience.

Let 2019 be the jump start you need to progress and excel in your career!

If you need advice with writing your CV, please reach out to Emily: 

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