Date: 7 February 2017
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What contact details should go on your resume?

From your name to your LinkedIn URL, we discuss exactly what contact details should be included on your resume:


Include your full name (first and last) on your resume. Your middle name is optional, but can sometimes be useful to include if you have a common name and want to be distinguished from others with a similar name. If you have built a strong personal brand online, ensure your name aligns with this.

Avoid nicknames or shorter versions of your name that are not professional e.g. Hannah to “Han”.


Your mobile number should be included within your resume. With the development of technology, landlines seem to be a thing of the past as the majority of us now have access to a smartphone. But if you work from home and use your landline regularly, then include this with your area code.

Don’t write your mobile number as one long sequence of numbers, as this makes it harder to read. Break your mobile number up – XXXX-XXX-XXX or if you need to include an international code (+XX)XXX-XXX-XXX

Your next step is to ensure you have a professional voicemail, so if a recruiter or a hiring manager attempts to call you, they are greeted with a polite and short message, informing them you will return their call at your earliest convenient.

It is not ideal to leave your current office number on your resume. You don’t want to step away from your desk and have a colleague pick up your phone and discover there is a recruiter on the other end of the line regarding your recent job application!


Do you still get embarrassed by your Hotmail address you set up on the 90’s? We still see them pop up now and again when people apply for jobs, so ensure you swap your for a professional email address, including your name e.g.

Social Profile

In this digital age, we are more likely to have online social profiles and cultivate our personal brand. As the top platform for connecting business professionals, LinkedIn is a free social media channel to enable you to build your profile with the upmost detail so other LinkedIn members can connect with you and see your relevant experience and skills.

You can also customise your own URL on your LinkedIn profile, for example- which looks more professional than a 20 digit number. So copy this link on to your resume for hiring managers to have a nose at your profile and invite you to connect.

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Nowadays, your exact home address is not critical, but you should at least include your suburb/city/postcode e.g. Surry Hills, NSW 2010 so the hiring manager is aware of your location when considering you for roles. If you are willing to take a longer commute to work, make sure you let them know during your first conversation.

Don’t reveal too much

There is no need to include a photo or your date of birth unless this is specifically required in the application process. Don’t disclose information such as marital status, religion and nationality. Keep it simple.

Put your contact details at the top of your CV so they are clear and easy for the hiring manager to find:

CV details

So you have included all the relevant contact details for hiring managers to get in touch with you, now you just need ensure you regularly check these forms of communication. Check emails, voicemail and LinkedIn to ensure you haven’t missed a message or your next opportunity of employment.

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