Anthony Cronin

Financial Controller

In Paul’s role as the Financial Controller, he oversees all aspects of accounting, finance, and taxation at Attribute Group. His unwavering commitment to excellence and unparalleled expertise make him an indispensable asset to our organisation.

Prior to his tenure at Attribute Group, Paul amassed an impressive 12 years of experience in the realm of chartered accounting. Having honed his skills in both prestigious Big 4 firms and boutique establishments, Paul brings a wealth of diversified knowledge to our company. His time spent navigating the intricacies of finance within the recruitment industry has given him a profound understanding of the industry's inner workings.

Paul's passion for the recruitment sector is unparalleled, stemming from his specialised advisory role in guiding recruitment businesses during his previous engagements with renowned chartered accounting firms. His profound interest in this field, coupled with his extensive experience, has bestowed upon him a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that exist within the recruitment domain.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Paul's credentials are a testament to his exceptional acumen and dedication. He has a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting, and a Master's Degree in Taxation, he exhibits an unparalleled level of expertise that empowers him to navigate complex financial landscapes with ease.

Paul's presence at Attribute Group is a testament to our organisation's commitment to excellence. With his extensive knowledge, and impressive qualifications, he spearheads the financial operations of the company, ensuring utmost efficiency and accuracy at every turn.

Paul Gennari